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The Facts on Measure G

  • What is Measure G?
    Measure G is a $19.0 million general obligation bond program intended to help the District complete the facility improvements that have been made in the past six years.  This includes upgrading electrical systems to improve student access to computers and modern technology, constructing or renovating libraries, cafeterias, and multi-purpose rooms, and upgrading or replacing outdated heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems to improve energy efficiency throughout the District and repaying the District funds acquired to complete critical classroom and school facility improvements. Today, the scope of improvements needed in the Gateway Unified School District is far more than the current funding sources available.  

  • What about using lottery money instead?
    By law, lottery funds cannot be used for construction or rehabilitation projects.

  • Why is Measure G needed?
    Our schools, while dramatically improved by recent modernization efforts, still lack adequate infrastructure and facilities.  The average age of our schools is over 50 years, and Grand Oaks Elementary School, our oldest, was built in 1938!  These sites were constructed for much smaller student populations and lack the facilities to accommodate today’s enrollment and educational needs. In order to provide our local children with the same school facilities as other neighboring Shasta County school districts, some major upgrades, improvements, and construction are necessary to bring our schools up to today’s standards and to ensure that these campuses will remain functional for future generations. 

  • What is a general obligation bond?
    G.O. bonds fund projects such as the renovation of existing classrooms and school facilities, as well as construction of new schools and classrooms.  Similar to a home loan, G.O. bonds are typically repaid over 30 years.  The loan repayment comes from a tax on all taxable property - residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural - located in the District.

  • How much will Measure G cost?
    A key component of Measure G is that it will not increase the property tax rate; instead the proposed measure will maintain the annual tax rate that voters approved in 2002 and generate the necessary funds by extending it for several more years. 

  • How can I be sure that funds will be spent on improving our schools?
    As required by law, an independent citizens’ bond oversight committee will be established to ensure that the funds are properly spent. Also by law, there must be annual performance and financial audits. Furthermore, bond money cannot be used for administrative or teacher salaries.

  • Has the District ever passed a bond?
    In March 2002, 61.6% of voters in the District approved a $22.0 million G.O. bond measure.  The funds from the measure were used for the most critical improvements throughout the District.  It is now time to make the remaining necessary improvements and upgrades at each of our District’s schools.