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Measure G Bond Information

Background on Measure G - What the Voters Approved

In November 2008, the Gateway Unified School District (GUSD) voters passed a $19 million general obligation bond (Measure G) with 57.7% of voters approving the measure.

The purpose of the bond proceeds was to "improve the quality of education, renovate and contract classrooms and school facilities including libraries and cafeterias; upgrade outdated heating, ventilation and air condition systems; make health and safety improvements; improve student access to computers and modern technology; and improve handicapped accessibility.

Because Measure G was approved through an election process under Proposition 39, the District is obligated to established a Citizen's Oversight Committee (COC). The committee must be comprised of voters who represent parents, parent-teacher organizations, the business community, senior citizens, taxpayers associations, and the community at large. This committee reviews expenditure reports to ensure that: a) bond proceeds are expended only for the purpose set forth in the ballot measure, and b) no bond proceeds are used for any teacher, administrator salaries or any other operating expenses.


VACANT POSITIONS: The District has Committee Member openings to fill the vacancies as required for the:

    • Representative that is an active Member of a Bona-fide Tax Payer Organization
    • Representative that is an active Member in a Senior Citizens' Organization
    • Representative that is an active Member in a Business Organization representing the local business community

If you are interested in becoming a Measure G Bond Committee member and meet the above vacancy requirement, please call us at (530) 245-7908.

Remodeled Tennis Court


Tennis Court Wide View



Tennis Court Long View




Tennis Court Side View



After Remodel

Before the remodel:

Before Remodel #2


Before Remodel #1



Bond Oversight Committee Bylaws

The purposes of the Committee are set forth in Prop 39, and these Bylaws are specifically made subject to the applicable provisions of the Prop 39 as to the duties and rights of the Committee. The Committee shall be deemed to be subject to the Ralph M. Brown Public Meetings Act of the State of California and shall conduct its meetings in accordance with the provisions thereof. The District shall provide necessary administrative support to the Committee as shall be consistent with the Committee's purposes, as set forth in Prop 39.


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